It’s easy to get started in the Goldhar School.

Just click on one of the Video Lessons and let the learning begin.

I do have some recommendations if you want to save yourself hundreds of hours and do things right.

1. Start with the Fastest Jewish Education on Earth.

It’s based on the four areas of knowledge that serve as the foundation for all Jewish learning. I’ve organized them into four Crash Courses:

The Crash Course in Torah

The Crash Course in Jewish Holidays

The Crash Course in Jewish Tradition

The Crash Course in Jewish History

These courses will give you a big picture framework and help you feel comfortable with all the major personalities, events and concepts in the Jewish tradition. We’ll also keep building upon this framework and referring to it, so think of this knowledge as the ABC’s of Jewish learning.

2. Take Advantage of the Quick Reviews

At the end of each lesson, I do a super fast review. Super fast to me means under a minute. Since you invested the time in learning the lesson, you might as well master it so you can build upon it. You’ll soon be amazed when your asked a question and you have the answer at your fingertips. Review often.

3. Download the Notes and Keep Them in a Binder

You’re going to learn a lot and make progress quickly. Download the notes. They concretize the lesson, are easy to review, and you’ll feel progress as your binder fills up with the knowledge and understanding you’ve gained.

4. Ask Questions

Please ask me your questions. If something isn’t clear, or I didn’t cover something in the lesson, I encourage you to ask. I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly with an answer or a recommended source. Your questions will help me answer my important question, “How can we improve the site”.