The education you’ll experience at the Goldhar School is based on four main ingredients:

1. Big Picture Overviews

Each course you take begins with a macro framework to help you build your understanding. The goal is to have the building blocks clear and to see how they fit into an overall context. context.  The joy of learning is connecting the dots. I want to make sure you have the “dots” so you can connect them on your own.

2. Systematic Learning

Many people have experienced the “Chinese Menu” approach to Jewish learning. They choose one topic today, another tomorrow, and ultimately feel like they aren’t really progressing. The Goldhar School offers you a path with a system and milestones. It’s key that you feel confident you know how to navigate the journey of Jewish learning on your own.

3. Fast and Easy Reviews

Torah learning is all about mastery. We’re supposed to be masters of our tradition so we can successfully pass it on. Unfortunately human nature coupled with a lot of material lends itself to forgetting. And that’s’ frustrating. Every lesson here features a quick and easy review so once you’re clear on the material it won’t take much time to review it.

4. Your Input

My goal is to deliver results so you feel like you’re learning is productive and fulfilling. Please partner with me by giving me your feedback, suggestions, and recommendations for topics. If you like the Goldhar School, recommend it to others and spread the wealth.

Let’s take Jewish education to the next level together.