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If you’re just starting your journey in Jewish learning or you’re somewhere in the middle and feel lost in the forest, then this is where you should begin. In almost no time you can get a completely clear big picture framework for understanding the foundation knowledge of Judaism. You’ll have an easy to follow road map for all of your future learning.

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Step 1: The Crash Course in Torah

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Session 1: The Overall Breakdown
Session 2: The First Twenty Generations
Session 3: The Patriarchs & Matriarchs -Introduction
Session 4: The Patriarchs & Matriarchs -Their Lives
Session 5: Joseph and His Brothers
Session 6:  The Overall Timeline in the Torah

Session 7: The Egyptian Experience

Session 8: The Ten Commandments
Session 9: Building the Tabernacle
Session 10: The Golden Calf
Session 11: The Centrality of the Tabernacle

Session 12: The Offerings
Session 13: The Priesthood
Session 14: Introduction to Holiness
Session 15: Holiness – Specifics

Session 16: The Encampment in the Desert

Session 17: The Spy Episode
Session 18: Korach’s Rebellion and Transition
Session 19: Wars & Inheritance of the Land
Session 20: The Three Pillars of Nationhood



Session 21. Introduction to Deuteronomy
Session 22: The Land of Israel
Session 23: The Final Covenant
Session 24: Moses’ Final Farewell


Step 2: The Crash Course in Jewish History


Session 1: The Four Unique Features of Jewish History
Session 2: The One Minute Map to Jewish History

The Ancient World

Session 3: Mastering the 4,300 Year Timeline
Session 4: From Adam to Noah to Abraham
Session 5: 500 Years of National Formation
Session 6: 1000 Years of National Prophecy
Session 7: Why Prophecy Came to an End
Session 8: The Second Temple Era
Session 9: The Development of Mishna & Talmud
Session 10: Why the Talmud is So Important

The Middle Ages

Session 11: Introduction to the Middle Ages – What Changed?
Session 12: The Rise of Christianity and Islam
Session 13: The Crusades, Libels & Black Death
Session 14: Conversion, Inquisition and Expulsion
Session 15: Economic Hardships
Session 16: Rashi, Maimonides and Rav Joseph Caro
Session 17: The Kabbalah
Session 18: The Crisis of the False Messiah – Shabbetai Tzvi

The Challenge of the Enlightenment
Session 19: Introduction to the Enlightenment
Session 20: The Rise of the Jewish Question
Session 21: The Chasidic Movement and Misnagdim
Session 22: Conversions, Origins of the Reform Movement and More
Session 23: The Conservative Movement and Reconstructionist Judaism
Session 24: The Rise of Anti-Semitism

The Modern Era and Israel
Session 25: Theodor Herzl and the Rise of Zionism
Session 26: Britain’s Support with the Balfour Declaration
Session 27: Why Britain Eventually Gives Up Her Mandate
Session 28: The Birth of the State of Israel
Session 29: A Nation Built of Immigrants
Session 30: Arab Hostility and the Existential Threat
Session 31: Israel and Diaspora Jewry

Step 3: The Crash Course in Jewish Holidays


Session 1: The Jewish Concept of Time and Holidays
Session 2: How the Jewish Calendar Works
Session 3: The Three Biblical Festivals

Crash Course on Purim

Crash Course on Passover
Crash Course on Shavuot
Crash Course on Tisha B’Av
Crash Course on Rosh Hashana
Crash Course on Yom Kippur
Crash Course on Chanukah


Step 4: The Crash Course in Jewish Tradition

Introduction: What is the Real Nature of Jewish Tradition?
Introduction Part II: How Jewish Nationhood is Different?
Session 1:The Concept of Two Torahs

Session 2: 5 Reasons Why We Have an Oral Torah?
Session 3: How Torah Study is Different?
Session 4: Introduction to the Commandments
Session 5: What is the Talmud?
Session 6: The Six Main Areas of Jewish Law
Session 7: The Source of Social Welfare
Session 8: The Holiness of Time
Session 9: The Sanctity of Marriage
Session 10: The Responsible Citizens
Session 11: The Temple of Jerusalem
Session 12: The Concept of Purity
Session 13: Different Types of Commandments
Session 14: What is Midrash?
Session 15: What is Halacha? is an Official Program of Aish HaTorah New York, Inc.
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